Air Hogs RC Rollercopter Review – Red

Air Hogs RC Rollercopter red1

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Air Hogs RC Rollercopter – Red

Air Hogs RC Rollercopter red1

Air Hogs RC Roll Anywhere

You’ve never seen an RC vehicle like the Air Hogs Rollercopter! You can pilot the Rollercopter just like a normal Air Hogs helicopter but the rolling cage adds a whole new dimension of fun. You can drive this innovative vehicle up the wall, across the ceiling or over anything that stands in your way. The cage acts as a shield, protecting your Rollercopter from obstacles and crashes. So whether you choose the air, ground or vertical surfaces, the Air Hogs Rollercopter waves goodbye to gravity! Note, the Air Hogs Rollercopter is intended for indoor use only.

Fly through the air or roll on ground, walls and ceilings

Obstacles and gravity are no barrier for the ground-to-air Air Hogs RC Rollercopter! With Rollercopter’s exterior rolling cage, you can roll along the ground when at lower power. Ramp up the speed to roll up walls, or even roll across the ceiling. Throttle up to maximum power to take to the air and fly.

Air Hogs RC Rollercopter Red

Crash Resistant Exterior Rolling Cage

Obstacles in your path? No problem. The Air Hogs Rollercopter is enclosed in a protective rolling cage that doubles as a protective shield and functions as a wheel! You don’t have to worry about smacking the ground too hard or damaging the blades if you hit an obstacle. This flying ball will bounce off of every surface and even roll across the ground or the ceiling for non-stop fun!

  • Roll anywhere! At lower power, Rollercopter will drive across the ground in its rolling cage. Throttle up to max power to take to the air and fly!
  • With its exterior rolling cage, you can roll it on the ground, up walls and even across the ceiling!
  • Rollercopter’s durable rolling cage also acts as a protective shield, allowing it to bump into walls or objects without damage or crashing.
  • The Air Hogs Rollercopter is made for pilots ages 8+ and requires 6 AA batteries to power the controller/charger.
  • Includes: 1 Air Hogs RollercopterTM indoor RC helicopter, 1 Controller/Charger, 1 Instruction Sheet


Air Hogs RC Rollercopter Pros: The unique cage that allows the Rollercopter to climb walls and walk along the ceiling.
The ability to adjust how much your Rollercopter twists for ease in control. The lightweight, yet durable outer cage.

Air Hogs RC Rollercopter Cons: Cannot be flown outside. The design is meant for indoor use,
If the product crashes pretty hard it will shut off and need to be turned back on. The knob that helps control the twisting of the Rollercopter needs a starting and an ending point.
Battery life before needing to be recharged again.


Kurio Extreme Android Tablet Review

Kurio Kids Tablet With Android1

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Kurio Extreme Android Tablet

Kurio Kids Tablet With Android1 Kurio Kids Tablet With Android 4

It would certainly be tough to locate a youngster nowadays that would not be thrilled to have a tablet computer system of his or her own. The brand-new Kurio Extreme Android Tablet is created especially for youngsters, as well as it guarantees to supply youngsters with an enjoyable and also protected computer experience.

This 7-inch tablet is ideal for hectic children on the go. It is Wi-Fi enabled, so obtaining online is a wind. It’s the first tablet of its kind to provide body activity managed video games, which obtain kids up and moving as they play greater than 10 interactive video games. The video games allow them to replicate tasks like swimming, snowboarding, and also speed racing.

It comes currently pre-loaded with kid-safe video games as well as apps, so they can begin having a good time once they open up the box. You can likewise connect to Google Play to download and install even a lot more applications to use with it.

Kurio Kids Tablet With Android

The Kurio Extreme works on the Android 4.4 (KitKat) system. It comes furnished with a large 16 GB of interior memory as well as a fast Intel(C) Atom cents cpu, in addition to 24/7 client solution that even allows parents jump onto live chat with service technologies (who are able to make adjustments to the tablet remotely if required).

You’ll recognize that your child is surfing safely. The tablet’s software permits you to establish time commands, handle apps, and established 8 various user profiles, so you can obstruct or permit any type of applications you like for around eight users. It also showcases Kurio Genius Internet Filtering to keep children secure from inappropriate online content.

The tablet itself is black, but it includes a bumper that covers around the advantage and also assists to safeguard it from bumps as well as drops. The tablet is readily available with either a blue or pink bumper included.

The Kurio Extreme is suggested for youngsters ages 6 and older.

It possesses a safety bumper, stand, micro USB cord, and also micro USB power adapter. No electric batteries are required.


Moms and dads which have actually already bought the tablet computer have stated benefits concerning it; as an example, one aunt stated that her niece likes it which the tool was really simple to establish. She really felt that the tablet was a great value for the rate.


Taking Paw Patrol from TV to the Toy Store

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Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol is a well-liked Nickelodeon TV collection for young children concerning a band of 6 noble puppies (Chase, Marshall, Zuma, Rocky, Rubble, as well as Skye) which were saved by an informative, energised 10 year old kid named Ryder.

Ryder educated each of the puppies unique abilities they use while on Paw Patrol, as well as every one of them has an unique car to help them in their brave journeys.

Certainly, Paw Patrol toys will certainly be a preferred demand for Christmas this year from young children all over the world. As a matter of fact, they’re anticipated to be so popular that Kmart has called 4 of them to their “Fab 15″ very hot plaything list. Right here they are:

Paw Patrol Look-out Playset. Watch out for problem with the Paw Patrol Look-out Playset! Chase can take the working elevator right to the leading and also visit the periscope for indicators of problem. If he views a trouble, he seems an alarm by hitting the Paw Patrol badge just before hurrying down the slide as well as pitching in his SUV.

paw patrol look-out playset

Paw Patrol Chase’s Cruiser. Keep an eye out, bad individuals! Chase is a sports German guard that enjoys to jump in his police car and race to the scene to assemble the mischief-makers as well as rescue any person in risk. The cruiser’s removable pylon can be used to mark areas of hazard as well as it shops quickly in the back of the cruiser.

Paw Patrol Chase Delux Cruiser

Paw Patrol Marshall’s Fire Fightin’ Truck. Marshall the Dalmation to the rescue! He rushes to conserve the day in his red fire engine. The vehicle has functioning wheels as well as a ladder that can be prolonged for Marshall to climb during emergency rescues.

Paw Patrol Fire Marshall

Paw Patrol Rubble’s Digg ‘n Bulldozer, Vehicle, and also Figure. Debris the English Bulldog enjoys to obtain filthy, but he sure recognizes the best ways to get you out of difficulty! He drills down via the dirt and also rocks, then scoops it up with the bulldozer as he rides inside. The bulldozer has actual functioning footsteps to acquire Rubble anywhere he should go when he’s on a mission.

Accumulate the whole line of Paw Patrol cars and allow your child’s creative imagination cut loose on all kinds of puppy-inspired rescue objectives. With Paw Patrol, no rescue objective is also huge and also no dog is as well tiny to come with each other as well as conserve the day!

paw patrol 3 pack playset



Utilizing their unique combo of teamwork, friendship, and courage, this amazing band of canine heroes will certainly motivate your child’s resourcefulness and also offer her untold hours of journey and also fun.


WowWee MiP 2 Personal Robot Review

WowWee MIP Black and White Blue

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WowWee MiP 2 Personal Robot

That wouldn’t intend to have their own individual robot? Specifically if you could play with him, tell him just what to do, and also acquire him to sing and dance for you?

Wow Wee MIP White and Black

Meet MiP, the amazing little robot with a huge personality.

This 8-inch high other self-balances on two wheels, zooming around, rotating, transforming, as well as following your commands. He could also be a bit moody. Talk well to him, and also he’s pleased, however attempt pressing him down. Then you’ll see his upset side!

There are two methods to control his activities: with your hands (action mode) or by using the cost-free downloadable iOS or Android app on your mobile device (mobile device not consisted of). To alter his mode, just turn among his wheels in either direction. The light on his abdomen will transform different colours to suggest which method he’s in.

Default MiP mode: blue light. With this mode, you make use of actions to control him. To get him to move forward, area your hand in front of his face as well as wave it ahead. Swing your hand straight toward him to obtain him to go backward, and also merely put your submit front of his face to make him come to a stop. Swipe your hand in the direction you wish him to go if you desire him to transform left or ideal. With a little technique, you’ll have him traveling anywhere you want with practically no effort.

Roaming mode: yellow light. In this mode, he happily zooms around, maneuvering around obstacles in his method. He whistles while he works, as well as expertly turns on a dime to keep from running into things. Simply do not send him down staircases or off a table!

Dancing mode: green light. He likes to dance to his very own tunes, but if you link him to the app, he’ll additionally happily dance to any type of songs you would like to use your cell phone.

Cage method: white light. In this game, you have to try to contain him within an imaginary cage. If he escapes prior to time runs out, he whirls, plays a ridiculous tune, and also states, “Oh yep!”.

WowWee MIP Black and White2

Tricks method: traffic signal. In this method, you can command MiP to perform a sequence of approximately 50 steps. As soon as you’ve offered him his commands, merely slap two times or touch him on the head twice to obtain him to duplicate exactly what you educated him to do.

Pile method: pink light. With this game, you attach MiP’s mold to him, and afterwards pile as numerous points on the mold as you can before time goes out as well as he spins around, sending out everything flying.

Tracking method: orange light. With this method, you can cover MiP’s eyes, and also he’ll still follow you in any type of direction you move.

Once the application is downloaded and install to a cell phone, there are different things you can do with your robotic, such as transforming his name, avatar, as well as volume. Within the app, there are 7 modes that you can use to manage MiP:.

Drive: this method permits the customer to utilize his thumbs to manage MiP.
Cans: there a numerous “canisters” that you could feed MiP in this app to change his mood. A few of the moods include satisfied, depressing, drowsy, or perhaps farty.
Dancing: with this method, your robot will certainly dance to any sort of music you play on your tool.
Fight: if you have a second MiP (or a close friend with one), they can battle each other by firing lasers.
Boxing: much like the Battle mode, this one allows your robot toss strikes with another MiP.
Path: just trace a course on your cell phone, as well as watch MiP browse it in reality.
Pile: attach MiP’s tray, then pile as numerous products on it as you can without making him trip.

MiP is readily available in either black and also silver, or white as well as black. He calls for 4 AA batteries (not consisted of).

MiP is anticipated to be very popular this Christmas. He’s noted on the Toys R Us Hot Toy List, so don’t wait also long to purchase one if you would like to make certain you have him in time for Christmas.

Wee MIP White And Black

Wee MIP White And Black

Zoomer Dino Snaptail Review

Zoomer Dino SnapTail

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Zoomer Dino

Zoomer Dino

He could not be cuddly as well as hairy like some animals, however Snaptail the Zoomer Dino is adorable as a button and he’s a clever little guy, also. He’s a sassy, remote-controlled dinosaur with big individuality and if you can tame him, he simply might become your new finest buddy.

He relocates like a dinosaur, he sounds like a dinosaur, as well as he acts like one, too! Balancing flawlessly on two wheels, he’s able to zoom back and forth with ease without falling over. On those rare events when he does take a spill, he’s generally able to select himself right up as well as continue with no aid.

Sensors in his head enable him to determine when you’re nearby him, and he’ll communicate with you. Simply by relocating your hands, you could educate him to follow you around and do charming dinosaur techniques. He’ll munch and also holler similar to an actual dinosaur, and also you can also acquire him to dance for you! He can also be controlled with the remote that’s included.

Snaptail likes it when you play with him- however he could get disturbed with you, also. Simply try pulling his tail and view just what takes place! He’ll anger as well as his eyes will certainly turn red. He’ll most likely spin around as well as try to gnaw at you, as well. He may also let out a huge burp or fart if he’s actually dismayed. What youngster would not enjoy to have a dinosaur that farts?

Snaptail will certainly likewise let you understand when he’s in a great state of mind, also. Among the means you could inform is by the colour of his eyes. If they’re blue, he’s feeling curious. When they’re green, he’s pleased. When they’re purple, he’s in action mode- and he’s ready to play. Red eyes mean he’s mad, and also you would certainly better look out for those roars as well as munches. When he has yellow eyes, he’s in push-button control mode, and also you can have fun with him from further away. When he burns out, his eyes get orange, as well as he should be reenergized.

Snaptail has a control capsule, a USB billing cord, and also a guideline pamphlet. Three AAA batteries are required, and also they’re not included.

The Zoomer Dino Snaptail is advised for youngsters ages 5 and older.

Given that the Zoomer Dino Snaptail is such an amazing little guy, he’s most likely to be rather popular this Christmas. He’s even been called to the Target Top Toys for the Season List, so if you’re thinking about adopting a cute ancient buddy for someone on your gift list, do not hang around as well long to order one- otherwise, you could find that by Christmas time he’s become extinct!

Wubble Bubble

Wubble Bubble


LEGO City Helicopter Transporter Review

lego city helicopter transporter

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lego city helicopter transporterLEGO City Helicopter Transporter

What is it about those little plastic foundation that captivates young and also aged LEGO  fans the world over? Annually, children as well as collectors alike simply can’t quit placing them with each other, taking them apart, and also rebuilding them throughout again.

You can hop in the huge, bad helicopter transporter, and also chase after them. If they attempt to give you the slip- simply fire up the authorities helicopter and proceed the chase by air.

This LEGO  set has all the elements of an action-packed journey flick: a crime, a few bad people with awesome vacation vehicles (dirt bike as well as dune buggy), a couple of crackerjack law enforcement agent, and a full toolbox of cops equipment (helicopter and a wicked-cool helicopter transporter).

The robbers look the part of a few scoundrels: one is using a detainee’s uniform, and the various other is putting on a torn up tee shirt with no sleeves. They do have amazing escape vehicles, though- one has a dirt bike with a kickstand and also the various other one has a dune buggy for off-road goes after with the desert sand. Both of them have a pile of money and also gold bars that they’ve taken.

The scoundrels could have fulfilled their suit with these two police officers, however. Both are worn authorities attires, as well as they’re looking pretty great with their tones on. One is the helicopter aviator, as well as the various other one is driving the transporter.

Youngsters as well as adults alike which have currently bought this collection provide it 2 thumbs up. In an on the internet review, one grandma claimed that she had actually bought the collection for her grandson’s birthday. She stated that he loves placing it together which it keeps him active for hours. A young person claimed that he plays with it a great deal, and that he had fun building it with his papa.

There are 382 items in the LEGO City Helicopter Transporter # 60049. It consists of four tiny numbers (2 bad individuals as well as 2 police officers). You can construct a helicopter, helicopter transporter, dune buggy, motorcycle, as well as several accessories.

This toy is advised for children age five years as well as older.

The LEGO  City Helicopter Transporter collection is positioned to be a leading seller this Christmas. As a matter of fact, it’s also been named on the Target Top Toys for the Season List- so don’t hang around to purchase yours if you’re thinking of acquiring one for your preferred collector or little LEGO  fan.

LeapTV Educational Active Video Game System Review

LeapFrog LeapTv Active Video Game

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LeapFrog LeapTv Active Video Game

LeapFrog LeapTv Active Video Game

Older children have actually been playing computer game for many years. Now there’s a totally new video game system by Leapfrog, Inc. that’s created specifically for kids ages 3 to 8. It’s called the LeapTV Educational Active Video Game System, and it’s very cool.

LeapFrog is popular everywhere for their enjoyable, impressive toys and also video games that allow children have a good time while they’re discovering, and this new computer game system vows to be yet another advanced academic tool that’s filled with fun and gets your youngster involved and in motion.

There are three different, energetic ways to play, and also more than 100 educator-approved video games and also video clips (offered individually) to ensure that kids never lack ways to learn as well as have fun. Users can play by relocating their body to manage the activity on the screen, by utilizing the controller as a tip as they walk around, and also by pushing buttons on the controller for rapid techniques during video game play.

leapfrog tvThe games are created to obtain youngsters relocating by leaping, hopping, pointing, and also shaking- which include in the enjoyable as well as enhance just what the player is discovering, besides integrating some exercise right into the mix.

Various video games allow players to discover result, math, science, and also other subjects at their own speed. If they get stuck on something, they can press the “tip” button for a little aid or a full-blown tutorial.

The video games adjust and expand to match your youngster’s speed of discovering; as her discovering advances, the games instantly proceed to advanced degrees to keep her tested. Your youngster can play alone or with a friend (extra controller offered individually).

The system consists of the computer game console, console stand, motion-sensing electronic camera, camera position, transforming controller with wrist strap (made with little submit thoughts), HDMI cable television, cam cord, A/C power adapter, and built-in WiFi for simple downloading. Two AA electric batteries are called for (not included).

You could obtain a free of cost video game called “Pet Play World” just by registering your system online. With this video game, kids can create their very own pet dogs and also learn the best ways to care for them by feeding, washing, as well as exercising them while playing games that teach them mathematics and also result skills.

The LeapTV Educational Active Video Game System was launched in late October 2014, just in time for the holiday. Considering that there’s so much talk concerning it, it’s likely to be in very high need for Christmas. If you wish one to be under the tree this year, it would be a smart idea to order it as quickly as possible.

LeapFrog LeapTv Active Video Game

LeapFrog LeapTv Active Video Game

Wubble Bubble Ball

wubble Bubble

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wubble Bubble ball

Just what the hell is a Wubble Bubble Ball? Well, it’s a crazy-fun plaything that imitates a big bubble, yet is tough, like a ball. You can kick it, drift it, bounce it, and even rest on it! The Wubble Bubble Ball drifts about, rotates, as well as wobbles- similar to a real bubble.

It’s made from a super-stretchy space-age material that makes the sphere soft, squishy, and so light-weight that it drifts with the air without any initiative in any way. It makes untamed sounds, as well, as it floats with the air.

Completely blown up, the ball is enormous at concerning three feet high. Although it’s enormous, it’s actually very easy to save away on a shelf or in a drawer. Making use of the deflation tool that includes it, it’s simple to allow the fumigate, fold it up, and establishment it away till following time.

Indoors or out, it’s a blast to play with. And there’s something wonderful concerning it that makes every person wish to have fun with it when they see it. Exactly what an enjoyable means to get the whole household up as well as walking around with each other!

To pump the ball up, comprehend the round around the rising cost of living port. Insert the nozzle adapter into the port, then move the nozzle into the adapter. Get rid of the adapter, as well as place the rising cost of living quick guide close to the port. Attach the pump to the nozzle, transform the pump on, and let it blow up until the overview hardly touches the ground. Your Wubble Bubble Ball will be filled up to exactly the appropriate degree, and then the enjoyable begins!

The Ball looks as well as acts differently when it’s blown up to smaller sizes, and it’s enjoyable to view just what occurs with less air in it. Give it a try both means, and view which you prefer. It’s fun to have fun with it regardless!

Although the Wubble Bubble Ball is quite hard, it CAN be popped, so don’t stab it with anything sharp like a stick (as well as do not allow animals have fun with it).

The Wubble Bubble Ball includes a pump to inflate it. There’s also a nozzle to obtain the air into the ball, a nozzle adapter, and also a rising cost of living quick guide. It calls for 4 “D” size electric batteries to run the pump, as well as they’re not consisted of. The round is readily available in numerous colors, including pink, blue, purple, as well as green.

The Wubble Bubble Ball is possibly visiting be on bunches of kids’ Christmas want list this year. It’s also on the Target Top Toys for the Season List, so you know it’s going to be a big vendor. So if you’re thinking about grabbing among these crazy spheres for a crazy youngster on your list, don’t wait as well lengthy to get it- or they might be really tough to locate at Christmas time.

Wubble Bubble

Wubble Bubble

Hot Wheels Street Hawk Push-button control Flying Car

Hot Wheels Street Hawk Flying Car

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Hotwheels Street HawkFlying Carboy

Hot Wheels Street Hawk Push-button control Flying Car

This combination automobile/ airplane is just one of the coolest remote automobiles on the marketplace today. Discovering ways to utilize it takes less time than the majority of RC vehicles, so you reach spend more time doing great stunts with it than learning how to run it. It additionally has a long range for a push-button control car.

Among the actually remarkable functions of this plaything is that while you can drive it typically like any kind of remote-control vehicle, you can simply turn a switch to change it to trip method as well as FLY it, also! It does take a respectable sized area to get it airborne, but once you’ve got it airborne, it’s a lot fun to fly. As a side note, it is simpler to manage if you take large kip down the air as opposed to sharp ones.

Hot Wheels Street Hawk Flying Car

Hot Wheels Street Hawk Flying Car

Obtaining the automobile assembled as well as ready to run is quick and also very easy. When you’ve put it with each other (which only takes a couple of minutes), merely connect the controller right into the automobile to bill it up. It takes less than an hour to totally charge it the very first time (you’ll be able to inform it’s totally billed when the lights turn from red to green). Just turn on both the plane and the controller to partner them up immediately when you’re charging them.

You’ll need 6 AA electric batteries for the controller, which aren’t consisted of. It’s a smart idea to think about acquiring rechargeable electric batteries as opposed to regular ones, to save cash and help the atmosphere while you’re at it.

This super-cool toy is advised for remote lovers ages eight and also older, although grownups might locate that it’s so much enjoyable that they would like to take their turn with the car, also.

Consumers that currently have the flying car have actually claimed that it’s quite sturdy. (It likewise comes with 2 extra props in case you take place to break one.) They likewise state that the commands are very easy to use, which you require a big paved area for the car to run in order to truly appreciate the full encounter.

There’s no doubt that the Hot Wheels Street Hawk Remote Control Flying Car visiting be a popular gift request this year. Toys R United states has actually even called it to their 2014 Hot Toy List! If you’re considering obtaining among them for a remote fan you understand, it would certainly be a smart idea to get it quickly to ensure you have the perfect present in hand before Christmas Day shows up.

precious wings

precious wings