LEGO City Helicopter Transporter Review

lego city helicopter transporter

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lego city helicopter transporterLEGO City Helicopter Transporter

What is it about those little plastic foundation that captivates young and also aged LEGO  fans the world over? Annually, children as well as collectors alike simply can’t quit placing them with each other, taking them apart, and also rebuilding them throughout again.

You can hop in the huge, bad helicopter transporter, and also chase after them. If they attempt to give you the slip- simply fire up the authorities helicopter and proceed the chase by air.

This LEGO  set has all the elements of an action-packed journey flick: a crime, a few bad people with awesome vacation vehicles (dirt bike as well as dune buggy), a couple of crackerjack law enforcement agent, and a full toolbox of cops equipment (helicopter and a wicked-cool helicopter transporter).

The robbers look the part of a few scoundrels: one is using a detainee’s uniform, and the various other is putting on a torn up tee shirt with no sleeves. They do have amazing escape vehicles, though- one has a dirt bike with a kickstand and also the various other one has a dune buggy for off-road goes after with the desert sand. Both of them have a pile of money and also gold bars that they’ve taken.

The scoundrels could have fulfilled their suit with these two police officers, however. Both are worn authorities attires, as well as they’re looking pretty great with their tones on. One is the helicopter aviator, as well as the various other one is driving the transporter.

Youngsters as well as adults alike which have currently bought this collection provide it 2 thumbs up. In an on the internet review, one grandma claimed that she had actually bought the collection for her grandson’s birthday. She stated that he loves placing it together which it keeps him active for hours. A young person claimed that he plays with it a great deal, and that he had fun building it with his papa.

There are 382 items in the LEGO City Helicopter Transporter # 60049. It consists of four tiny numbers (2 bad individuals as well as 2 police officers). You can construct a helicopter, helicopter transporter, dune buggy, motorcycle, as well as several accessories.

This toy is advised for children age five years as well as older.

The LEGO  City Helicopter Transporter collection is positioned to be a leading seller this Christmas. As a matter of fact, it’s also been named on the Target Top Toys for the Season List- so don’t hang around to purchase yours if you’re thinking of acquiring one for your preferred collector or little LEGO  fan.